• Vaibhav Gupta

I Am❣️

Don't wanna run away,

An Emperor I am,

Wanna burn me down to flames,

A lump of Peat I am.

Wanna hit me with a Hammer?

Carve me!

A Gem for You I am.

Lemme down for virtue,

A Saviour for You I am!

A parasite with a purpose,

Not a fly, but a House I am!

Lie down in my lap,

As if a pillow, for You I am!

Chasing cars with a million scars,

In a 90’s Chrystler,

Waiting for You I am,

Cling to me as if a parasite,

and Your Host I am!

Ain’t I a reptile,

Your Human I am.

With blood warm enough,

Your Pacified Inferno I am!


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