• Vaibhav Gupta

It's You I'd Follow!

A world where the silences speak,

A bosom of the doe eyed girl too meak,

Both try to break the stillness of the seas,

But who knows the alpha of the aphonic geeks.

Lying down on the deck like a solitary loon,

In the gloom of the dark gazing at the moon.

The night sky glorified by the serene stars,

Seems to her like a tongue behind the bars.

Hunting for a hero she could count upon,

Couldn't she have survived in this mighty Zion..

To catch the trail to tie the yatch's brail,

She needed someone who could help her sail.

Bereft bygone of her knight,

She held his cape's tatter in her hand too tight.

Lost in his thoughts she said,

Praising him for the convoy he had led-

"You were my north, my south, my east and my west,

I wish i could come to you and leave out all the rest.

Nothing's left behind here,

For your rival wasn't kind in the battlefield there.

For the genuine turned out to be Brutus, the stabber,

And the hostiles were the opportunate grabbers.

I know you're high in the sky above,

Gazing at me, with love.

I hope you forgive your virgin dove.

Don't worry! Won't your princess ever run away,

It's just the awful words about you they say.

Can't this dumbstruck fight the ones with voice,

But my gestures have become my choice.

Actions speak louder than words,

I promise you dad I'll destroy those stony nerds.

Here i lie down on the deck to find you,

Its not that hard as the brave are very few.

It's not the pole star I'll follow,

I'll fight until all my drool i swallow!

It's you I'd follow!

It's you I'd follow!" ©Vaibhav Gupta

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