Publishing Policy:

  1. Open for all* (no age restrictions)

  2. No theme/topic restriction (socially acceptable)

  3. Language restriction: English/Hindi

  4. Word Limit: 1000 Words

  5. Plagiarised entries directly rejected without refund

    *Rights of admission reserved


Types of artworks acceptable:

  1. Articles

  2. Essay

  3. Write-ups

  4. Biography

  5. Poems

  6. Short Stories

  7. Playwright

  8. Photographs

  9. Digital Arts

  10. Doodle Arts

  11. Hand-painting

  12. Sketch

  13. Origami

  14. Mehendi

  15. Architecture

  16. Mandala Art

  17. Food craft

  18. Best out of Waste

    The above mentioned artworks would be published in the form of an e-book named "The Soothsayer's Ink"as per the tentative schedule. In case of early/late publishing/releasing of the e-book due to any reasons uncalled for, the participants shall not raise any claims for refund as the delay would be well justified by our executives.